Winning Fundamentals

Being good a Judo is not as hard as you think!

You are not bad at Judo, you just need some Winning Fundamentals! 

I have been involved in Judo for a long time now! I have worked with complete beginners all the way through to Olympic level athletes and it pains me when I see white belts and black belts making the same mistakes! 

Judo is not a random set of movements, it is a sport of strategy, a sport of brains not just braun! Judo is more like chess where you and your opponent are setting out the foundation for battle! 

A common mistake with Judoka (and coaches) is they are focussing on the wrong thing... generally the throw (the end result) rather than the process of what gets them to that point. Winning Fundamentals will help you create the understanding and structure around your Judo to take you to the next level! 

I really enjoyed watching this. Firstly, whilst it is great to see a former GB international sharing his knowledge, it's clear that Vince has spent many hours coaching.

He shows a great understanding of the WHY not just the WHAT, in well structured lessons that progress seamlessly onto the next.

Well done Vince, a great contribution to the online judo community.

Darren Warner

Olympic Coach & Welsh Judo CEO

Are you left or right handed? Do you do Judo on the left and right side? If the answer is yes STOP RIGHT NOW! This is one of the biggest mistakes I see in Judo! 

"Why?! "I hear you ask ... "the Japanese practice Judo on both sides! " Yes you are correct, they also practice a minimum of 3 hours at a time 5 days a week (That's 780 hours of Judo a year ... Minimum). 

Most people who practice Judo at a non elite level might practice 3 hours per week, and if you break that down to technical training and not randori it will be even less. 

My point is if you practice left and right you will be equally bad on both sides and never develop the structure needed to be effective long term. - On a side note you will also be more prone to injuries!

If you want to throw more practice your break falls! 

No, I have not lost my mind. If you would like to Throw more in randori and competition you need to take the time to practice your breakfalls! 

The reason is simple - confidence and fear.

To attack in Judo you need to attack without fear ... but a lot of Judoka miss their opportunity to throw their opponent purely because they are worried that they will get hurt if they are thrown. 

This has a lot of negative compounding effects. 

You become tense - which slows you down and inhibits your ability to feel your opponent

You overreact to their movement - which sets you up for being thrown

You break posture to keep distance - which gives you to much distance to travel to attack effectively

If you want to really improve your Judo you need to lose the fear of being thrown and losing, if you can do those two things you can build confidence in your Judo and attack without fear! 

This course was a gem of a find.

B Devine - Beginner Judoka

As a beginner with practically zero experience this course was a gem of a find. The course is well laid out and easy to follow and the how and the why are well covered. As an older beginner this has given me the confidence and the motivation to get in and get on with it.
Thank you Vince

If you can't grip you can't throw!

Whether you are a beginner or elite judoka you need to understand gripping! It is the gateway to better Judo!

Winning Fundamentals will guide you through the essentials of gripping! 

Not just the how but more importantly the WHY! 

Losing structure loses so many Judo contests!

This competition analysis demonstrates how a lack of structure can really affect your ability to win matches! 

This analysis comes from my YouTube channel which has 100's of FREE tutorials. You can check that out here.

"If you do not understand, that's not your fault, that's mine." As a coach my job is to help you understand what I know about Judo, if you do not understand it, I am not doing my job well!  Winning Fundamentals is the beginning of a your quest for better Judo! 

3 Easy steps to create a Winning Structure

In Winning Fundamentals I continue to demonstrate the importance of a winning structure and this can be broken down in 3 easy steps.

Stance: correct stance for your grip or attack.

Posture: ensuring you have your head up and shoulders back is so important! 

Hands Up: Attack - Defend - Control the distance 

Winning Ne Waza - Techniques Everyone should Know!

  • 7 Vital hold downs 
    You will know all of these hold downs, but I guarantee you will still learn something new!  
  • Building the escape sequence. 
    Most people will learn the basic escapes in Judo, but very few learn the correct sequence of the escapes. Learning this will improve your ability to avoid being held down and allow you to attack from these positions.
  • Effective attacks from every position. Do you know attacks that actually score from every position (all fours, prone, guard, in guard, half guard)?   

Stop making the same mistakes! 

If you truly want to improve your Judo, if you want to stop making the same mistakes, if you want to be able to perform higher level techniques, you need to stop doing what you've always done and try something new! 

I am so proud to have been able to help 1000's of Judoka in person on the mat and taking their Judo to the next level. This has not been through any fancy tricks or techniques, this has been through creating Winning Fundamentals.

Judo Online means I can HELP YOU on your Judo Journey

 Winning Fundamentals

 Let me help you take the next step in your Judo journey, Winning Fundamentals will help you:

  1. 1
    Build Confidence: Through the teachings in this course you will be a more confident and attacking fighter.
  2. 2
    Have a great understanding of posture and gripping which will give you more opportunities to attack.
  3. 3
    Improved training methods: give you key insights into effective training methods.
  4. 4
    Throw more through better throw selection and building reactions.
  5. 5
    Ne Waza Plan of attack: you will have workable and winnable Ne Waza techniques.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

highly recommend for coaches .”

Fantastic course Vince, highly recommend for coaches out there looking for a clear, informative and detailed description of Judo (winning) Fundamentals. Well done again!  

Joyce Heron
BJA Deputy Sport Director

“Great content throughout and really nice to see the fundamentals being delivered so simply. Good information for both coach and aspiring judo athlete."

Denny Robers
BJA Coach

Judo Online - Winning Fundamentals

This course is 100% online which means you can access this from wherever you are in the World! You can watch it and rewatch it! 26 online sections & Over 4 hours of coaching.  

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Vince Skillcorn

Creator of Winning Fundamentals

About the Author

Vince has been fortunate enough to travel the World with Judo and work with some amazing coaches and athletes. 

I have been gaining real world on the mat coaching solutions for Judoka of all levels. My systems of coaching have been making those seemingly impossible judo techniques possible for so many Judoka! 

Will I learn anything new from this course? 

Absolutely YES

Will there be things I already know on this course?

Absolutely YES

Advantages vs Disadvantages

This course does not claim to reinvent the wheel entirely, there will be some information you may have heard about before. But this course is more than just the techniques taught. This course is about a mindset, a philosophy, a pathway to better Judo. You will have a better understanding of key techniques and principles by the end of this course. 

Winning Fundamentals Course Outline

  • Breakfalls - learning to throw more
  • Understanding Balance
  • Winning Structure
  • Dominate the Grip
  • Mechanics of the Judo throw
  • Mastering the turn
  • Tai O Toshi
  • O Uchi Gari
  • Harai Goshi
  • Crash Mat Training
  • Creating reactions to throw
  • Essential Ne Waza Positions
  • Ne Waza Exercises
  • Vital Judo Hold Downs
  • Building the escape sequence
  • Armlock and Strangle essentials
  • Japanese turn over from all fours
  • Ungvari turn over from all fours
  • Double Lapel Turnover
  • Belt and Collar turn over from flat position
  • Competition Winning Transition turnover
  • Kata Gatame Leg Escape
  • Judogi Leg Escape
  • Hip Sweep from Guard
  • Pull Sleeve Sweep from Guard

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel like this course did not provide you with any value, or improve your understanding of the fundamentals of Judo, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S.: This course is designed with you in mind, take full advantage of it and see your judo progress to the next level! 

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