Judo basics for everyone


Judo basics for everyone is an important YouTube video for me as this is the online video that motivated me to start all of my online content. 

This resource is quite outdated (filmed in 2014), with the introductions of new rules within the sport, but still serves as a great reference point for many with over 200,000 views and 2,000 likes on my YouTube channel  and has been shared many times. 

This has inspired me to create my first online paid course ‘The Ultimate Guide to Beginners Judo’ which will be bigger and better. Currently in the editing stage, this course will showcase some essential fundamentals which will help all beginners (and experienced Judoka) move onto the next level. 

HOW? Easy, taking care of the fundamentals which are either overlooked or not taught at all. Watch the tutorial above and if you would like more information like this sign up to the mailing list below and be one of the first to know when this course becomes available.

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